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Platinum Medical Spa performs non-invasive body sculpting for Orange County patients looking to improve their contours and curves. Our advanced treatment options address stubborn fat and tighten loose skin without any need for surgery or extended downtime.

Fat Reduction

When fat cells grow more prominent, areas of the body start to look out of shape. While diet and exercise can shrink fat cells, only cosmetic treatments can get rid of these fat cells entirely, ensuring they don’t swell again and become a problem.

Alma’s JuVaShape Ultra uses ultrasonic technology to destroy enlarged fat cells (a process known as lipolysis). This non-invasive process liquefies fatty tissue, reducing the volume of trouble areas for effective contouring.

JuVaShape Ultra’s larger ultrasonic head is ideal for the treatment of regions like the abdomen, the arms, and the legs. The device’s smaller ultrasonic head is specialized for treatment in precise areas. It can sculpt the region below the chin, under the eyes, and more.

Reducing fat cells with ultrasonic energy also offers the benefit of tightening the skin, encouraging retraction and smoothness.

Fat Reduction Orange County
Fat Reduction
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Skin Tightening

Skin retains its structure due to a healthy supply of collagen and elastin protein. As the skin’s collagen and elastin production levels decline over time, the skin droops, causing parts of the body to lose definition and shape. This leads to drooping facial skin and wrinkles, a sagging abdomen, hanging upper-arm skin, and more.

At Platinum Medical Spa, we achieve effective targeted skin tightening with the help of advanced radiofrequency (RF) technology. Thanks to non-invasive skin tightening, Orange County patients can enjoy firmer and tighter skin on the face and body.

Our rejuvenating technology offers a bipolar RF treatment head for tightening the superficial sagging skin. It also offers a unipolar RF treatment head that focuses on the tightening of deeper skin layers for enhanced results.

Our Pixel RF handpieces deliver ablative and non-ablative RF energy treatments depending on each patient’s skin-tightening needs. Ablative treatments destroy tissue for more dramatic results, whereas non-ablative treatments do not destroy tissue, leading to subtler results.

Pixel’s fractional RF energy creates micro-treatment zones, leaving the surrounding skin untreated. As a result, the surrounding skin is able to aid in healing for improved recovery time and downtime.

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He is very sweet yet professional. I am very impressed with his work. Even his front desk staff is very kind and professional. Thank you for a great experience! I will be back soon!

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Your Body Sculpting Consultation

You will meet with an experienced professional at Platinum Medical Spa during your consultation in our Orange County office. You will tell them about your body-contouring goals, and they will perform an examination of the areas in need of treatment. They will also ask you about your medical history, including past treatments, any pre-existing conditions, and all current medications/supplements.

Next, they will recommend an appropriate body sculpting treatment for you based on your needs and goals. They will tell you about the details of the treatment, and then a date will be set for the session.

How Much Does Body Sculpting Cost in Orange County?

The cost of body sculpting treatment will depend on the specific procedure you are undergoing. The number of areas being treated will affect the overall cost, as will the degree of contouring required.

Schedule Your Personalized Consultation

To find out more about our options for body sculpting in Orange County, contact Platinum Medical Spa today. Schedule your consultation and take the first step towards enhancing your contours.


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