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Facials and peel procedures should be a part of everyone’s regular regime. The basics of cleansing, exfoliating, treating and rejuvenating the skin are essential to the on-going preservation of good skin health.

Because some of the treatments we do can be temporarily challenging to your skin, we offer customized medical grade facials called Recovery Facials. Every step of these facials is designed with an understanding of how your skin behaves. These treatments will detoxify, nourish and hydrate your skin, bringing back a more youthful, clear, firm and glowing complexion.

We strongly recommended this as a stand-alone service, or as an integral part of a more extended clinical plan. Go beyond spot treating a problem, go all the way back to health.

Platinum Recovery Facial: Anti-aging, Hydrating, Healing

Acne Recovery Facial: Clarifying, Balanced, Soothing

Executive Recovery Facial: Powerful, Quick, Effective

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