I recently visited Platinum Medical Spa for Botox. The practice is beautiful and gives off a calming and serene vibe. The receptionist was friendly and helpful on the phone and in person when I arrived.

Dr. Malecki was super helpful in guiding me towards a treatment plan that I was comfortable with. In addition to treating my upper face wrinkles, he also injected my masseter muscles to help relieve pain from TMJ. We did a lip flip, too. I am so happy with my results!

I should have done botox in my masseter muscles YEARS ago! My jaw feels so much better. If you are considering this at all, DON’T HESITATE. Just DO IT!! It is a game changer!

I am also loving the lip flip! It’s a really subtle way to add volume to your upper lip. It looks natural and I think it’s improved my smile too.

Dr. Malecki is kind and knowledgeable. He really listens to your concerns and makes you feel so comfortable.

I can’t wait to come back!